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  1. Conditions look fairly mild for this time of year.
    Are these birds a resident of your garden? We have ground-foraging blackbirds (a species introduced into Australia in the 1800s and spread across most of the southern portion of the continent with settlement) in our garden, but as a colony remote from other urban settings. They are one of the benign introduced species, with their only mildly annoying characteristic being that they sing their pretty song too early in the morning!


    1. Yes, it has been pretty mild so far (except for today — brrrrr!). Not sure they live in our yard normally. In the spring & summer we usually see them in the reedy/marshy section of a nearby park. I think they may just drop in every once in a while for some seed. Not sure I would call this male’s typical call ‘pretty’ (‘shrill’ seems more apt), but it’s definitely distinctive. You can hear a snippet here.


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